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Little Lily Bamboo Collection

Baths are so relaxing and fun when you are little...until it's time to get out into the cold air, that is!  We started Little Lily to help make those moments a little bit cozier. Little Lily towels are thicker and more plush than the average baby towel, and the bamboo fabric means that they wick moisture away from your little one quicker!

Aside from being gentle on our Earth, bamboo's wonderful silky softness is gentle on your family. And it's hypoallergenic, and naturally antibacterial, so it's perfect for bath products...which you'll find lots of here!


Why use Bamboo?

*Bamboo is a natural, green, eco-friendly plant that is biodegradable 
*Considered a sustainable natural resource
*Has natural properties that wick moisture
*Naturally anti-bacterial
*Repellent to harmful UV rays
*No chemical additives
*Naturally soft
*Holds 3 times its weight in moisture

*Produced Organically